Effective Tips to Make a Green Home

With the increase in pollution and higher rate of health issues, an increased stress has been laid on the use of environment-friendly technologies in all aspects of life. Even the construction of homes has laid stress on energy-efficient solutions to build green homes that are beneficial both for human life and the environment.

Making a green home has become easy and reasonable in the present scenario. It does not take much of efforts and cost to trace some of the effective heating and cooling devices that will help to build a green home. Here are some of the excellent tips to make your home eco-friendly:

The first step to make your home green is to build walls that are well insulated. Such walls maintain a healthy balance of heat flow out and in of the house during winters and summers respectively. This dramatically reduces the amount of energy required for heat flow in and out.

In the present scenario many people use motion sensors at the entrance of their homes. These motion sensors detect all kind of movements and turn on the interior lights on detection. This not only detects the movement of thieves or unknown person into the compound but also detects your movement. So ensure that the lights of your house are switched off. Switch on one light at night or when you are not at home.

It’s a wonderful idea to replace all the bulbs and tube lights with compact fluorescent and light emitting diodes. These light systems consume less power and produce less heat. It is also advisable to avoid any use of fancy coverings over these lights because that will obstruct the way of illumination and you’ll require switching on more lights to get the desired light.

Check all the appliances that you use in your house. Make sure that all have green labels that are mostly characterized by star rating. There is two, three, four, or five star rating imprinted on the electronic appliances that give an indication of how energy-efficient the appliances are. If the appliance has a five-star rating it is most energy-efficient and consume lesser power than the others who have two, three, or four star ratings.

Use of solar panels can also reduce the amount of energy and power consumed. Solar heaters are comparatively expensive than traditional heaters but are cost-effective in the long run. Install these panels on the roof or terrace as they will heat up using the energy of the sunlight and will save lots of energy.

Upgrade your windows and make them energy-efficient. Use glass that reflects heat or else the air-conditioner in your room will consume more power to cool your room. This is because normal glass traps heat. Replace windows if they are old and have a cut or a leakage. Windows with a leak allow the entry of wind, rain water, and heat into the room that forces the electronics like heater and air-conditioner to consume more power for proper functioning.

Last but not the least, one most important step towards a green home is to create a surrounding that is full of greenery. Use plants, flowers, and other greens wherever possible to ensure more savings on energy and power.