Green Homes – What Does Green Mean?

When you approach your Charlotte builder, it is a good idea to work with a company who understands and creates green homes. This means using energy efficient design and as far as possible using sustainable construction materials and techniques. Energy costs can only go up and you not only will save money, you may also help to save the planet.

To begin with, you should understand what makes a home green to begin with. Green homes may use alternative energy sources such as solar and geothermal and even wind power where this is suitable. A huge wind turbine may seem extreme, but during winter with $100+ a barrel oil costs, it starts to look pretty nice. Some wind turbines have also been whimsically painted as decor as well.

When it is feasible, solar panels can provide light and perhaps satisfy other power requirements of your house as well. Naturally you have to be located where you can catch the sun’s rays. This may be impossible if your area is heavily forested or surrounded by tall buildings, etc. You should hesitate to take down beautiful and ecologically friendly trees for this purpose, but most properties can benefit by the use of at least some available solar energy. For instance, you might light your paths and backyard this way which will use less electricity and decrease your payment to the electric company.

Energy saving appliances with features such as on demand water heaters can help you save energy and money. These types of appliances are truly efficient to use. Water can also be conserved by reusing grey water in appliances such as low flow toilets. Full and half flushes are available in most models, but continue to conserve water anyways.

Green homes frequently feature wall, ceiling, and window insulation. Double pane windows will significantly increase insulation, as single pane, ordinary glass windows have a rating of only R1, which amounts to practically no insulation at all. The windows can be made even greener through the use of insulated window treatments. It is infinitely easier to insulate during the construction process than to try to upgrade after building is complete, so there is really no benefit to cutting costs during construction.

The use of bamboo instead of wood for flooring is regarded as one of the sustainable materials. By this, forests can be saved. The beauty of green homes is the usage of special paints that produce less fumes and toxic chemicals are also not released later. This helps the environment and it is good for people who are sensitive to chemicals and allergies.

Building green homes signifies that there is good resale value for a home. It also brings profits for the homemaker who constructs or buys one. The price of fuel will rise but not decrease, and there will be an increase in the value of dollars. Building green homes signifies social consciousness. People should save dollars, increase money through resale and protect the planet by selecting a green builder.