The Green Home Wave is Coming!

Many homeowners are aware of the major benefits of green homes but there is another spectrum of benefits most will never be aware of. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the new homes built in the coming years will be green homes so I hope you feel the importance of learning about them.

First, what exactly is a “green” home? It is actually quite simply. A green home is just a home that much consideration has went into regarding materials and construction methods. The emphasis tends to lie with materials that are free of residual toxins and are sustainable. The logic behind this is that most people have dirtier air inside their homes than that which is outside. Cleaning up the chemicals that go into creating the materials goes along way in preventing pollution inside the home.

Another focus of a green home is to design a home that uses less energy or relies on renewable energy. Frequently green homes are at least partially powered by solar energy and typically use sun light for heating and lighting the home as much as possible. Not only can sunlight be used for heat and light sources but can also be used to heat water for domestic use as well.

Green home construction does not stop at the previously listed benefits. Many insurance companies are falling in line to encourage green construction as much as they possibly can. You can now receive discounts from your homeowners insurance to your mortgage fees to add incentive to green construction. As more people start to look toward green construction, businesses will continually add programs that are green construction focused.

For the previously listed reasons, green homes typically sell for more money when they hit the market. Many homeowners prefer to live in green homes and would rather not have to pay additional energy fees if they know they have a choice. Since the government has introduced legislation that would encourage green construction in the way of tax credits and other incentives, more home buyers are being pointed to choose green construction.

As far as features go, green homes offer higher efficiency appliances, including plumbing and electrical systems, as well as drought resistance landscaping to reduce water consumption. They also use materials that are renewable meaning that glass that is collected at recycling points are used again, instead of filling our land fills. Insulation that is either organic or recycled is used along with paints and finishing compounds that do not emit polluting chemicals.

In fact, the way they are building green homes today frequently meets ADA requirements for handicap accessible homes. Green homes typically feature a flat entry way, no stairs, wider doors and other features that allow people with differing abilities and the elderly to easily negotiate their energy efficient home.