The Many Benefits of Owning a Green Home

The green building boom is well underway, with around 10% of new homes expected to be green homes by the year 2010. This rise in green building isn’t just due to increased environmental awareness, but also to increased awareness of the advantages of green building, including substantial cost savings. Here are the main reasons that the green building boom is only going to get bigger.

Economic Benefits

A typical sustainable built home will incorporate building methods that may have additional up front costs in comparison to traditional homes, but over the years, the cost savings overall will be substantial. A green home naturally has reduced maintenance costs, reduced energy costs, reduced water costs, reduced heating costs and more. A typical green homeowner uses about 50% less water and 50% less energy than traditional homes. In addition, a green built home will hold its value over the long term, with green homes being appraised for 10-20% higher values than comparable traditionally built homes in the same neighborhood. Lastly, check your local building laws, you’ll often find that special incentives and tax breaks are given to people building green homes.

Health Benefits

Green homes use non-toxic and less toxic materials, carpets, paints and sealants whenever possible. This results in better indoor air, thereby reducing your chances of respiratory illnesses and irritations and may also reduce the risk of cancer and help environmentally sensitive people live and breathe easier. Mold problems are also less common in green homes. In addition, because a green home is healthier to live in, you might receive a break in health insurance costs.

Earth Friendly

There are many environmental benefits to owning a green home. A green home uses less energy, produces less waste and uses earth friendly materials in its construction. From using reclaimed timber to recycling rain water to using less water and energy to producing less construction waste, a green home leaves a much smaller footprint on the environment than a traditionally built home. Green homeowners also have many earth friendly options when it comes to the interior of their home, including options such as carpeting made from recycled rubber tires and recycled bottles and other materials. New choices in sustainable materials abound, including the use of easily renewable wood and plant products such as hemp and bamboo. In addition, a green homeowner can rest easier, knowing that they have helped conserve some trees in a forest far away or eliminated the need to produce carpeting or stain that uses toxic chemicals. Many green homeowners are choosing to use materials from demolished buildings and homes. One homeowner in Boston used pieces of a demolished freeway project to build his home, making support beams of pieces of old highway and a roof from an overpass.

Green home builders are finding more and more ways to make the advantages of owning a green home more enticing. So, why not consider a green home for your next home?